A professional landscape designer enjoys and understands the merging of art and science into a display of beauty

that relates to the buildings and technology with nature.


The Ethos that we live by, is from and English proverb:


“A garden must first be prepared in the soul, or else it will not flourish.”


Each project is evaluated in detail and a design is created which compliments the underlying architectural lines of the building and its surroundings as well as the lifestyle of those who live, work and play in it. 


Where ever possibly we always attempt to make use of indigenous plants to create water wise, eco-friendly gardens & endeavour to always create gardens that are in harmony with nature and preserving this for our future.


As Landscape designer, Sonita does not work independently but rather as a team, with the client, the Landscapers, builders and architect throughout the project, to better facilitate the progress of any given projects with outstanding outcome and results, as these team of people each carry with them different skill set to assist one another.

Design  Process

We do not provide any Landscape design service  free of charge and do not do any work on risk.

Work will be charged on a time basis where the scope of work is unclear.

During the first consultation a comprehensive portfolio of our designs will be shared with the client.


A consultation fee of R450-R500 is charged for the initial meeting, to cover time spend on site for:


 - Site analysis

 - Photos of site

 - Brief from client

 - Measuring up of property – if required

 - Plotting of existing building, hard landscaping and feature trees – if required


We discuss the client’s likes and dislikes to ascertain the size and scope of work envisaged and the proposed budget.


Based on our discussion we then establish a design fee (Ranging between R5 500,00 and R8 000.00 depending on site size and complexity of the project)


Outline Plan or Master Plan

All design plans are drawn to scale right from the start.


The garden design will consist of either an Outline Plan or a Master Plan (for larger sites).


Supporting visuals such as artist’s impressions and story boards are prepared to give the client an idea of what the garden will look like.


The plan acts as a discussion document which allows us to present our ideas and talk through any changes you want to make.


It also serves as a blueprint for further detailed design work as well as any phasing of the project

Final Ground Plan

The final ground Plan will incorporate any amendments agreed on and is the plan from which we will be able to cost, set out and build the garden.


The client will be provided with a comprehensive portfolio consisting of all drawings, bill of goods and information in order to complete the project.


The Final Ground Plan will show the location and spacing of all the plants in the design.

A schedule lists the plant names, quantities and sizes and will be used to cost, order and set out the plants.

Armed with a comprehensive design plan, the client now has the option to either install the garden themselves or make use of the services of one of our professional landscape installation companies

Project Monitoring


Should the client require the garden to be installed by a professional landscape installation company, we then send the project out for costing.


On acceptance of the costing, the client is then introduced to the landscape installation team to discuss starting dates, procedures, etc.

Once the implementation is complete a session can be scheduled with the gardener to discuss maintenance (the when and how’s).

Install your own garden

Are you an avid Gardener, but want your garden to be Designed professionally?


I provide you with a comprehensive Landscape Design Package, including a numbered planting plan and bill of goods


Now you can install your own Designer Garden, at your own pace  and according to your available budget


-  WE CALL IT  - " Planting by numbers"!