Townhouse & small gardens

Succulent gardens

Succulent garden 2

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Small spaces

Modern & Waterwise 1

Vertical planting
Structural plants
Contemporary planter
Unusual plant combinations
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Contemporary water wise garden
Agaves & grasses
Raw concrete ball planter
Raw concrete retainer beds
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Modern & Waterwise 2

Over-sized urn, create focal point
Mounds & large boulders create hight
Water wise modern courtyard
edible garden small spaces
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Contemporary, Low maintenance

Oriental themed 1

Artificial lawn
Disappearing waterfall
Gravel, pavers & cobbles
Vertical planting
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contemporary Oriental
classic oriental
oriental informal forest
Oriental wallart
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Oriental themed 2

Tuscan Themed

Oriental inspired garden
A Contemporary, minimalist, Oriental themed garden
Natural stone path
A natural flat stone and gravel path, leading through the garden
Small wooden deck
A small wooden deck, with a splash of colour, create interest in this tiny garden
Maxi pavers around pool
Large concrete slabs provide a very contemporary look
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tuscan 3
tuscan 2
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Split level garden

Over-sized,Molded wall panel, becomes the focal point
small garden natural stone path with ground covers and gravel
small garden wall, molded wall panel, grasses, natural
Pure simplicity
small garden, neutral walls, lush, natural garden
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