Estate & Large gardens

Prairie style, Large Garden

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Water wise Prairie Style

Modern Bird bath
Concrete paver planks
Paver planks close up
Natural planting
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Large Country Garden

Forest garden mulch path
Natural forest garden
Sleeper wood platform
Shade grass
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Modern eclectic Style

Contemporary Moongate bench
Grasses & beaded Aloes
Aloes & Red Spiral steel art
Front garden
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Contemporary Classic 1

Swimming pool retainerbed
Retainer beds & steel trellis
Steel trellis & Classic plants
Classic urn water feature
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Contemporary Classic 2

contemporary classic blend
contemporary classic sidewalk garden
Striking design lines
Colourful bromelaids
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Waterwise, Hardy Garden 1

Natural stone wall cladding
Large concrete paver path
Hardy indigenous garden
Natural stone build pool
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Waterwise, Hardy Garden 2

Waterwise Aloe garden
Waterwise pool garden
Waterwise pool garden
Pool Garden before/after
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Waterwise, Hardy Garden 3

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Concrete paver planks